Junction 9 motorcycles are fully qualified and insured ‘Thatcham approved’ Alarm/Immobiliser suppliers and fitters for Datatool®

Did you know that:

With these facts in mind, its about time you secured your pride and joy properly!

Many postcode areas within the M25 are uninsurable without a Thatcham approved alarm.

Insurance discounts are available with Thatcham 1 combined alarm and electronic immobiliser units.

Datatool are market leaders in motorcycle Security products and have solutions for all Security issues, from Thatcham 1 approved Alarm / Immobiliser units, Datatag part marking security system, to hard security such as insurance approved chains and locks, brake disc locks, ground anchors and garage door reinforcement anchors.

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Datatag part marking with UV Etching technology use Datatag Datadots with forensic chemical DNA. Each tag carries a unique code, details of which are stored on Datatags 24/7 Home Office and ACPO Police secure and accredited database.