Dynojet tuning

We supply and fit all Dynojet tuning products, from Carburetor jet and needle kits to power commanders, ignition modules and quick shifters.

We can arrange and transport you bike to our preferred dyno tuning centre for a custom fuel injection map.

Enquire now to find out if your bike is eligible for the new Power commander 5

Performance Air Filters

We supply and fit K&N performance air filters


There are a wide range of aftermarket performance exhausts available; they range from slip-on silencers to full systems.

We supply Yoshimura, Termignoni, Akrapovic, Scorpion, Hindle etc...

Call for bike specific listings and availability.

Brakes and Clutches

EBC are in our opinion the best aftermarket solution when sourcing quality brake and clutch components.

We supply EBC brake discs, brake pads, clutch plates and springs.

Brake pads are available in many compounds, so asks for advice when ordering.